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Meet Amanda Smith

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Why Pick Up The Lead?


At Pick Up The Lead, we believe:

There is greatness inside of you,

and the world is waiting. 

When it comes to taking your personal and professional aspirations to the next level - our Pick Up The Lead community is passionate about helping people reach their goals.

Are you an executive looking to make an industry move?

Are you a manager ready for that next leadership opportunity?

Are you a doctoral candidate who needs a thought-partner?

Are you a student wondering what's possible beyond graduation?

Are you a college athlete and wondering how to leverage your transferrable skills?

These kinds of transformative moves are not always easy to make and that's why we've offered our clients a community of expertise, guidance and support.

Across industry and sectors, Pick Up The Lead works to align community and interests through coaching, programs and pathways that help people turn their dreams and aspirations into reality. 

What comes next, starts today.

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"How did you get into coaching and mentoring?"

As an educator, encouraging others to develop towards their full potential has always been a part of who I am. Even in my youth I found a great deal of joy and reward in helping others stretch beyond what they thought was possible.

As I moved into my career, mentors and coaches began to appear in my life – often seeing something in me that I did not yet see in myself. Time and time again, these transformative relationships set me on new and expansive paths.


By the time I had reached my early thirties, I had also reached the executive ranks. My experience in senior leadership positions has given me a great deal of desire to give back, and to help future leaders accelerate their growth and reach their personal and professional goals.

I’ve been very lucky to have worked with incredible mentors and coaches throughout my career. Even more so, I’ve been fortunate to develop relationships and grow a network of industry leaders and thought-partners who are equally passionate about paying it forward. 

These men and women are an instrumental part of my community and the work we are doing together at Pick Up The Lead. 

About Me Cont.
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